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ZF Friedrichshafen

Start of a
new era

Under the heading of Vision Zero – mobility without accidents and emissions, ZF is marking the beginning of a new era of mobility.

Together with Jung von Matt/brand identity Zurich, Studio Behm created a new brand experience for the world’s leading technology group.


In the form of a flex-grid, which is inspired by the swarm intelligence of biological systems, a brand-presenting key visual was developed, which illustrates the networking and interaction of technological systems through its constantly changing shape.

As a defining design element, it can interact with images or communication content and creates an independent dynamic across all media. In addition the conciseness of the logo was sharpened by simplifying it.

The new brand design was initially presented at the IAA 2017. It was also the kick-off for the introduction of the new claim see.think.act.

Brand Design

The conciseness of the logo was sharpened by simplifying it.

The color code with its blue color spectrum in combination with the red accent color represents both the ZF heritage and the merger with TRW

The bold typography builds a strong basis for the communication of the brand. The diagonal edge finishes also define the design language for the illustration style and pictograms.

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