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Enno W. Steffens

Change of perspectives

Planet, People, Profit! – Not the other way around. That’s the message of Enno W. Steffens. He is consultant, trainer and speaker for Sustainable Entrepreneurship. His aim: to make people and especially companies aware that our earth is a place worth protecting.


The brand design we created is characterized by a change of perspective: the view from a distance shows our protectable and fragile basis of life – the earth. As well as the view from close up and the immersion in topics that influence our life on our planet and that are the focus of Enno W. Steffens and his work as a consultant, trainer and speaker.

Visually, this interplay is expressed through a mixture of clear shapes (outside perspective) and the use of color gradients (inside perspective), scaling from the large to the small and vice versa.

Brand Design

The color scheme is derived from nature, with associations from the plant world, the air we need to breathe, and the oceans that keep our earth in balance.

The visual branding concept needed a font, which stages the key messages of Enno W. Steffens. Therefore, the typography is bold and striking, in line with the statements.

The illustration concept is based on two-dimensional graphics whose appearance is characterized by the main idea of the brand appearance. They are placed in combination with striking statements that underline the core messages of Enno W. Steffens.

A linear and organic design language shapes the iconography of the Enno W. Steffens brand design.

Brand Colours


Illustration style

Application examples

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