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The smart way to save energy 

This is how you save electricity today: Claridoo is a digital electricity tariff that uses a simple app to display electricity consumption in real time. This makes it easier to conserve resources. Because the most sustainable electricity is the electricity you don’t use in the first place!


The Claridoo app helps to track power consumption directly.
It should be as simple as possible, and its use and design should be fun.

Studio Behm developed the brand identity including strategy and design for the Berlin-based start-up claridoo by Alpiq. The goal was to show the joy of saving electricity and the simplicity of use. Simple. Transparent. Sustainable!

Brand Design

A strong color code, characterized by gradients, conveys the digital approach of the electricity tariff, and makes it attractive especially for a younger target group.

The „fun“ aspect is underlined by a friendly-looking typography, whose rounded corners match the principle of the dot grid.

To illustrate the ease of use of the electricity tariff, eye-catching icons and illustration help to visualize the information in an entertaining way.


Brand Colours


Illustration style

Application examples

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